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Training Material Development

Curriculum Development: UII has been developing materials for Instructor Led Training for several of our Navy customers to include Instructor Guides, Student Guides, Computer Assisted Instruction, and Performance/Job Sheets. Our experience in the development of Interactive Multimedia Instruction, Web Based Training, Electronic Rate Training Manuals and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals are utilized along with current industry directives to develop the most comprehensive and state of the art training products. UII follows the established systems approach phases in Instructional Systems Development (ISD) projects.  

v  Analyze Missions

v  Analyze Functions

v  Analyze Job/Task Performance

v  Determine Instruction Needed

v  Design the Instruction to Meet Needs

v  Develop Instructional Materials

v  Support Operational Requirements

v  Implement the Instructional System

Additionally, to successfully accomplish the ISD process, the following minimum requirements are addressed:  

v  Determine the Instructional Need

v Determine Essential Mission/Job Tasks

v  Determine the Knowledge Skills Abilities

v  Determine if Necessary Knowledge Exist

v  Determine if Necessary Skills Exist

v  Determine if Necessary Abilities Exist

v  Derive Learning Objectives (LO’s)

v  Develop Test Items to Achieve LO’s

v  Devise Means for Achieving The LO’s

v  Determine Student Achieved the LO’s

v  Revise Instructional System to Achieve LO’s

v  Continuously Evaluate the Material

 Curriculum Development Standards: UII is completely familiar with the directives and policy regarding development standards. We have experience developing content designed to meet DODI 1322.26 requirements and be SCORM conformant. Additionally, our experience has shown us that in the development of curriculum, developers must constantly evaluate the use new industry standards, guidelines, and tools that may be implemented due to future technological advancements. UII maintains currency with emerging technological developments and innovations applicable to the customer’s needs.




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