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Welcome to the Unified Community 

Unified Industries Inc. has a legacy of community service that spans four decades. We partner with organizations that share our commitment to giving back whenever possible, and add value to programs that empower children and the socially and economically disadvantaged members of our community. We also recognize the dedication and sacrifice of the members of the armed forces. The Unified Community fosters growth and provides opportunities for veterans who are making the transition from their service to our country to becoming valued members of the civilian community.

Education: The Unified Community celebrates the achievements of students and teachers of every age who fuel the growth and spread of knowledge in the United States and worldwide.  The members of the Unified Community display the fruits of education both in their work and in their families.  In addition, they share their time and treasure with several foundations.

Health and Hope of Children: The Unified Community partners with charitable organizations to raise funds to benefit children in need, including those who are disabled or face health issues. These groups provide a safe haven and nurturing environment to underprivileged children.

Support for veterans: The Unified Community participates with numerous organizations in opening opportunities for veterans in entrepreneurship and employment following their service to our country. Programs include job readiness, workplace training and mentoring.

Special focus is given to foundations that are Internal Revenue code 501(c)(3) organizations.


 Stan Lee Foundation

The Stan Lee Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs and ideas that:

Provide people access (all ages) to literacy resources helping them to participate and communicate in an engaged, and interdisciplinary, learner-centered environment for self-improvement and self-sufficiency.

Promote diversity, national literacy, culture and the arts.

Embrace innovation, integrity and scholarly and artistic engagement to build a community of learners, collaborators and creators.


Black Women United for Action

Black Women United for Action (BWUFA) is a community service volunteer organization that uses a "grassroots" hands-on educational approach to voice the needs of at-risk children and women, to heighten their achievements, and to improve the lives of vulnerable families.  BWUFA assist citizens in obtaining and utilizing information on social, cultural and educational issues.  BWUFA’s principal programs are:

Chantilly Mews, a project that provides family case management, employment counseling, family crisis intervention, and educational enrichment

Slave Memorial Project, an annual wreath-laying designed to strengthen a better understanding of the cultural origins of slaves.  Associated with the project is the Nikki Giovanni’s Writers Guild, which welcomes youths, ages 13-18 to participate as ushers and readers during the annual Slave Memorial Wreath-laying activities.

Women’s History Project, which heightens awareness of local women’s achievements to recognize the presence of women who strengthen the community.

International Outreach to assist Christian Relief Services that provides emergency supplies to Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Mozambique, and Angola

Voter Education, a project to provide awareness of today’s political issues, especially to young people who are preparing to vote for the first time.


Parren J. Mitchell Foundation 

The Parren J. Mitchell Foundation secures educational and business opportunities for deserving students and fosters awareness of the Nation’s mandate and struggle for equal access.  The Foundation has three programmatic thrusts:

The Mitchell Fellows Program – comprehensive training and mentorship that puts students for Historically Black Colleges and Universities on the path to successful entrepreneurship and community leadership;

The Mitchell Foundation Mentorship Program – financial support to minority high school, college, and adult students;

Endowed Chairs Program – chairs in Public Policy and Business at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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