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  Areas of Excellence / Applied Technology / Overview

Telogistics™ and Related Technologies
Telogistics™ spans the full range of logistics information, including supply chain management, documentation, and training.
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Database Applications and Portals
UII integrates applications with existing data to streamline your operations and help teams work more effectively.
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Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is more than just software installation. UII helps you realize the the full benefits of ERP and the impact of ERP on your people, processes, and business.
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Computer-based Training
Training your employees is one of the best investments you can make. With UII, you can also make it interactive, engaging, and effective.
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Industry Related Software
Whether you want to upgrade existing systems or invest in a new enterprise application, UII can assist you with system analysis, vendor selection, implementation, and support.
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Is your business online? UII introduces the latest developments in managing inventory, responding quickly to customer demand, and getting your products to market faster.
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Automatic Identification Technology (AIT)
Make better decisions at a faster rate. Discover how AIT can dramatically improve system performance with convenient, portable, and accurate data collection.
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UII combines our subject matter expertise with the latest technology to optimize throughput efficiencies.
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