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Summer Academic Enrichment Programs

The UII Child Academic Enrichment Programs are programs in which students of the target group and community participate in daily sessions of learning, creativity, and peer interaction. UII offers these programs after school during the school year and all-day programs (six to eight weeks) during the summer months.


As an extension to our School-Based Child Enrichment Program, UII also implements five “Mini-Camps” during the summer months. The program’s goal is to promote the personal growth of the participating children and increase their knowledge and pride in themselves and in their community outside of school.

This will be accomplished by the composition of a balanced curriculum that focuses on the expansion of the children’s sense of empowerment, imagination, creativity, teambuilding skills, peer leadership skills, communication skills, and self-expression.

Conducted Monday through Friday from 1 PM – 6 PM, UII coordinates with a parental support group to implement Mini-Camps in areas such as Music, Dance, Creative Writing, and Physical Fitness.   Every week of the six-week program will feature an individualized theme (i.e. Music & Dance, Political Activist, Sports, Arts & Theater, Science & Technology, and Community). A field trip is scheduled each Friday for an enjoyable and cultural experience. Sample destinations are:

  • Alexandria Black History Museum
  • Freedom Walk/Mall Scavenger Hunt
  • The Kennedy Center
  • Air and Space Museum
  • Congress
  • Negro Baseball League Museum
  • Lincoln Theater
  • Mount Vernon Slave Memorial


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