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  Areas of Excellence / Overview

Program Management
UII plans, budgets, and schedules your project and ensures its success through all phases of development. UII helps you identify scope, stay on schedule, and accomplish your tasks.
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Metrology & Calibration
Our calibration laboratory is one of the few nationwide that performs standards calibrations traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
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Public Transportation
UII makes transportation systems safe and effective through quality control inspections, acceptance testing, supplier audits, first article inspections, project controls, and document control.
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Applied Technology
UII helps you meet the dynamic needs of your enterprise. We design, build, and deploy architectures and applications with the most advanced technologies.

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Our record includes over 130,000 students in 10,000 courses during the last two decades at 300 sites in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Pacific Rim countries.

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With UII, your strategies achieve operational efficiency, manage costs, and improve asset utilization throughout your entire supply chain.
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Health and Human Services
UII joins forces with non-profit groups and faith-based communities to tackle complex socioeconomic issues such as crime, poverty, and substance abuse by applying research, training, and services in and around the DC metro area.
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Quality Assurance
Our quality experts help you ensure superior products/services, giving you a competitive edge and motivating customer retention.
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UII provides subject matter experts to help our customers meet their challenges.
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