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Distance Support

Since its establishment in 1999, the Navy’s Distance Support program has developed into a critical enabling factor in improving fleet readiness and reducing Navy operating costs. The program uses its principal tools, such as the Navy Integrated Call Center (NICC) and the Distance Support Portal, to provide the fleet with convenient reach-back capability to the network of shore-based support providers, covering a wide span of functional areas to include: maintenance; supply; training; medical; and quality of life.

Under the leadership of the Naval Sea Systems Command, UII has played a key role in assisting the Navy Distance Support core team to develop the tools and procedures required to facilitate the program. Our personnel helped the Distance Support community craft the business rules which have governed the process by which the shore support infrastructure responds to fleet support requests. Additionally, we helped establish the metrics by which the success of the Distance Support program is assessed, and through which decisions on future program direction are made.

UII also contributed to the evolution of the NICC into a premier customer service response point, initially by helping to staff the call center and create its support protocols, and more recently by assisting in the development of the tools for measuring NICC effectiveness.



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