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Integrated Logistics Support Planning
With UII’s logistics experience of over 30 years, you have assurance that every element in the planning and acquisition process is addressed and accomplished.
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Design Integration
UII helps you select, build, and integrate system design into a solid, reliable, and scalable solutions.
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Human Systems Integration
In complex environments, human and machine interaction must be seamless. Understanding how people process information, make decisions, and collaborate with machine systems is crucial to success.
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Maintenance Planning
We understand the importance of a maintenance plan in any system or installation. UII delivers concepts for effective maintenance programs with step-by-step maintenance actions to protect your assets.

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Metrology & Calibration
UII provides quality calibration of resistance, capacitance, AC/DC voltage and current, temperature, force, pressure and other standards.
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Supply Chain Management
Through careful review of supply chain elements, UII empowers you with visibility and control to break the risk cycle throughout your supply chain.

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Technical Data
We make your equipment and systems easy to maintain and operate through clear and thorough documentation, developed by the most knowledgeable technicians in the field.
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Exportability of instructor-led training is UII's hallmark; we conduct our courses at any customer site in the world.
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Logistical Technologies
Our logistics experts use sophisticated and powerful tools such as smart cards, lasers, and contact memory buttons to achieve rapid results.
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Life Cycle Support
UII specializes in comprehensive assessments of life cycle requirements. We work with your staff to identify the organizational needs in support of life cycle management efficiency at all levels.
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Research & Development
UII logistics professionals help manage, develop and implement 21st Century solutions designed to transform logistics processes through the application of emerging technologies.
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Distance Support
Our logistics experts are on the leading edge in exploiting Distance Support technology to improve fleet readiness and reduce Navy operating costs.
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Logistics is "the other half of marketing." Our customers stimulate demand, UII's logisticians satisfy demand.
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