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Establishment of Measurement Requirements  
Uncertainty Budget Preparation  
Measurement System Implementation and Validation  

Establishment of Measurement Requirements

UII is a subcontractor to Executive Security & Engineering Technologies, Inc., providing technical services in support of the Mine Warfare Community. Most of the technical support and training required by this community is available only at geographically dispersed sites. UII is studying, designing, and developing a robust communications link between the sites and their principal In-Service Engineering Support Activities. Future efforts will assess requirements for extending the link to include the ships at sea and forward-deployed sites.

This project provides full logistics support to the Mine Warfare Community by making documentation and technical data, supported by subject matter experts, fully available to that community just in time. The solution, which addresses the significant cost that drives elements of logistics including training, maintenance, and supply support, applies information technology to mitigate those cost drivers. Information is accessible directly to the user in a "distance-independent" environment that results in reduced operating cost and significant improvement in support effectiveness and response times.



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