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  Areas of Excellence / Training / Curriculum Development / Train-the-Trainer

Curriculum & Lesson Plan Development
Instructor-Led Training for Distance Learning Media  


Lesson topics include: 

  • Theories of learning, student motivation, and course objectives; 
  • Lesson plan development and testing; 
  • Practicing lesson preparation and presentation techniques; 
  • Developing and presenting short lessons to the entire class using methods and techniques reviewed in the learning theory part of the course; 
  • Participating in team critiques of all other student presentations; and 
  • Revising lesson plan presentations to address team critiques.

Training Periods: 2 Days, 1 Week, or 2 Weeks. 

The 5-day course includes two student lecture preparations and presentations, each for 10 minutes. The 10-day course includes three student lecture preparations and presentations for 10, 15, and 30 minutes. Our instructor videotapes each presentation, which the entire class critiques with our instructor's guidance.



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