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Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Personal Protection Decontamination Training  
Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Defense Team Training
Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Emergency Agencies
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Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Defense Team Training

Lesson topics include: 

  • Understanding procedures for, and learning how to use in the field, chemical detection equipment, and agent identifiers such as M8 and M9 paper for liquid agents and the MA81 alarm system and 256 detector kit for gas and vapor agents; 
  • Planning and conducting point, route, and area surveys for detection of agents and contamination of buildings, tunnels, airports, roads, highways, bridges, designated terrain, and area sectors with specific perimeters; 
  • Use of radiological instruments to measure blast and thermal heating, and dosimeter equipment to monitor impact of contamination on the environment with emphasis on personnel and operational equipment; establishing a field command and control center for decontamination procedures and administering first aid and medivac procedures; 
  • Logistical requirements and time sequences for decontamination requirements and procedures; and 

  • Establishing personnel and equipment decontamination processes from initial hosedown through major scrubs and liquid and vapor controls to final solution control and exit. 

Training Period: 4 Days.




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