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Basic Combat Skills 1
Basic Combat Skills 2  
Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Personal Protection Decontamination Training  
Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Defense Team Training
Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Emergency Agencies
Military Field Communications

Military Field Communications

Lesson topics include: 

  • Wire communications and equipment use, such as applying communication security, preparing field messages, applying AKAC procedures, splicing and tying field wire with proper knots, and tagging procedures; 
  • Using wire laying and recovery equipment; 
  • Constructing field wire for remote links to command and control centers; 
  • Maintaining field wire records; 
  • Installing, operating, and maintaining telephone sets and switchboards; 
  • Installing a hot loop; 
  • Radio fundamentals and procedures such as adopting frequencies to environmental parameters; 
  • Installing, maintaining, and operating radio communications equipment such as the AN/PRC-119A; 
  • Constructing field expedient antennas to address command and control communication requirements; 
  • Using auxiliary devices, loading voice security equipment, and operating in secure voice; 
  • Defending against electronic warfare and using encrypted code to report enemy electronic warfare efforts. 

Training Period: 2 Weeks.



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