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Current UII Navy Training
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Current UII Navy Training

Our biggest customer, the U.S. Navy, has depended on UII's training expertise for more than two decades. The training programs we provide cover a broad range of services, from platform instruction and computer-based training to on-the-job technical training and military skills courses. We support Navy commands with more than 75 of these courses at the present time.

Starting with our first Navy training program, UII developed a delivery formula that provides our customers with training at Navy sites around the world. This hallmark of UII, known in the Navy training community as "exportability," typifies most of our training contracts. UII also pioneered delivery of  "just-in-time" training services, long before this concept was well known, by forging a reputation for quality synonymous with providing training at our customer's preferred location and scheduling requirements.

Current UII Navy programs:



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