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Internships at UII

UII offers exciting work opportunities to students and recent graduates.

Our interns are exposed to real life work experience with clients as well as internally at Corporate Headquarters. Interns may be assigned to assist with technical projects, assist with internal support functions, or conduct market and technical research.

Current Internship Opportunities

Media/Production Intern

Position Description:

Working with 2 to 3 other interns, students will collaborate with the UII marketing team, engineers, and executives to produce a promotional video from concept to final production. Along with providing technical expertise, interns will be expected to make creative contributions and clearly communicate ideas to the team.


Travel to field sites (Norfolk, VA; Mechanicsburg, PA; Moorestown, NJ; National City, CA; Silverdale, WA ; St. Mary's, GA). May be required to capture laboratory footage.


Location: Springfield, VA and Washington, DC

Employment Type(s):   Internship


Interns must have knowledge of audio design, studio and field equipment, directing, editing, and all aspects of production. Interns must also be able to furnish any production equipment. The position is open to juniors and seniors in Film/Electronic Media.


Katie Ngo

Unified Industries, Incorporated

6551 Loisdale Ct Suite 400

Springfield , VA 22150

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