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Case Studies / Telogistics for TACOM

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Telogistics for TACOM

The Challenge

The U.S. Army Tank-automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM) recognized a need for the capability to support vessel operations and engineering to replace the existing Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), which was costly and inefficient. The Army also required an electronic technical manual for the vessel’s propulsion machinery as well as directly related subsystems.

The Solution

UII designed and developed a software system that collects data for support shipboard and remote machinery diagnostics and prognostics and provides a material tracking system. The system also integrated an online interactive supply support system that emulated the existing inefficient as pertaining to watercraft requirements. Additionally, UII created a data management system that provide a more accurate and detailed accounting of costs associated with operation maintenance and periodic repair of propulsion systems and equipment. In order to gather the needed information to support Electronic Technical Manual based diagnostics and prognostics, UII designed, fabricated and installed a parallel machinery data acquisition system using digital signals converted from digital analog sensors, programmable logic controllers, and improved sensors.

The Impact

As a result of UII’s efforts, TACOM experienced innovations in control systems information management, legacy systems modernization, distance enabled learning, training, cost effective technical support, and technical assistance. UII established a worldwide telelogistics capability that provides electronic documentation interacting in real time with technicians and shore-based subject matter experts for real time diagnostic and prognostic support and distance support based logistics for supplies and training. By providing accurate and timely logistics data, UII delivered a turnkey system and created improvements in ship systems reliability.

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