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Supply Chain Management - Naval Supply Systems Command

The Challenge

The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) required supply chain management support services for assistance in executing various Navy Logistics Productivity (NLP) Research and Development (R&D) initiatives.

The Solution

Through the NLP program, UII is currently working with NAVSUP to leverage R&D funding to bring technology advancements to bear in attacking supply and logistics issues. For example, the Rapid Retargeting (RRT) program uses advanced modeling techniques to capture the functionality of obsolete circuit cards in a commercial off-the-shelf software product. The software model is then used to manufacture replacement circuit cards that are form, fit and function compatible with the legacy items. UII is also implementing the Serial Number Tracking (SNT) project, employing Automated Information Technology (AIT) such as contact memory buttons and bar codes.

The Impact

UII’s work will help the Navy to resolve hardware obsolescence problems in a manner which has minimal impact on the supply/logistics support elements and their costs. Through application of SNT, ship maintenance and aviation components are easily tracked through the supply, maintenance and transportation pipelines. In addition, NAVSUP will save nearly $200M over a seven-year period by reducing asset losses, while making significant maintenance-related information available to the logistics support community via a web tool.

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