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GSA Training Schedule  
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GSA Training Schedule

Under the GSA Training contract, UII provides services and products for the

design, development, and delivery of training programs:

  • Job and task analysis
  • Instructional staff development
  • Process training and development
  • Training material development
  • Program and/or staff evaluation/audit
  • Instructor-led classroom instruction
  • Computer-Based Training
  • Curriculum development

Contract Data

Contract Number: GS-02F-0035K

Start Date: 8/29/00

End Date: 8/28/10

Labor Categories:


Senior Executive

Corporate Technology Consultant

Director, Levels I-II

Program Manager, Levels I-IV

Project Leader, Levels I-III

Training Program Professional

Tech. Skills Instructor, Levels I-III

Military Skills Instruct., Levels I-III

Curriculum Specialist, Levels I-III

Multi Media Specialist, Levels I-III

Management Information Specialist,

Levels I-III

Logistics Specialist, Levels I-III

Analyst, Levels I-III

Training/Technical Professional

Business Case Analyst, Jr and Sr

Subject Matter Expert

Technical Specialist, Levels I-V

Engineer, Levels I-V


Logistics Specialist, Levels I-V

Network Engineer, Levels I-III

Software Engineer, Levels I-III

Computer Scientist, Levels I-III

Database Administrator, Levels I-III

Network Administrator, Levels I-III

Secretarial/Clerical, Levels I-III


27-400, 27-500





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